Men's Quick Buff n' Shine - Clipping, Shaping, Cuticle Care, and Buffing for a clean appearance when you're short on time...

Men's MANicure - Clipping, filing, & buffing of the nails along with cuticle care, hot towels & moisturizing hand treatment along with mini hand massage.

Classic Manicure - Waterless Manicure Includes nail & cuticle care, hot towels along with moisturizing lotion for that refreshed look & feel. (No polish) 

Targeted Treatment - Your choice of Dry Skin, Anti-aging, or Seasonal Targeted Treatment

Mini Manicure - Quick Cleanup for those 12 and under with or without regular polish.

Extras! Extras!

These services are also available:


            French Polish                    Accent Nail                         Nail Art

    Stained Glass Top Coat     Glow in the Dark Top Coat     Gel Polish Removal**


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